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Located in Atando Business Park...

Galaxy Electronics, Inc. is a family owned corporation that began in 1993 in a garage repairing printed circuit boards. Operations currently are Contract Manufacturing focusing on:

  • Through-hole PCB assembly
  • Through-hole and surface mount PCB repair
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Control panel assembly
  • Wire harness and cable assembly
  • Custom manual assembly

Quality and Manufacturing systems are based on ISO 9001 requirements. The Engineering-degreed ownership and staff has over 40 years experience in electronics assembly.

Galaxy Electronics, Inc. strengths include:

  • High customer service standards
  • Quick turnaround on standard quote requests
  • Documented quality systems and procedures
  • Easily expandable and planned production capacity
  • Turnkey (customer specially requested) operations and systems
  • Strong financial condition