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Custom Manufactured Cable Assemblies and Wiring Harnesses

A one stop shop cable assembly provider that can provide you with standard and custom solutions. Below are some of the technologies that we can offer and note that our offering is not limited to these products. Please contact us so that we can assist you in defining your requirements.

Manufactures custom cable assemblies of varied configurations and requirements. We build to suit your specific cable assembly requirements. Utilizes automated, high-speed cutting, stripping, and crimping processes whenever possible. These automated processes improve process repeatability, increasing the overall quality of our products. When appropriate, we also employ Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques to ensure our processes remain in control.

  • Flat Ribbon Cables
  • Harness Assemblies
  • Switch Assemblies
  • Din Rail Assembly
  • Co-axial, RF Products
  • Circular Connectors
  • Ribbon Cables
  • Din and Mini-Din Cables
  • Weather Tight Connectors


  • Fax your print specification or forward a sample cable assembly and we will quote it for you.
Simple Cable

Termination Styles:

  • Solder
  • IDC
  • Splice
  • Crimp and Poke
  • Screw Type

Key Benefits:

  • Wide range of experience and capability
  • Maximized process repeatability and reliability
  • Maximized product quality
  • Minimized product cost

Cut / Strip

  • Automatic
  • Manual

Marking Capabilities

  • Hot Stamp

Electrical Testing

  • Continuity
  • HiPot
  • Oscilloscope