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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly, Cable and Wire Harness Assembly, Electromechanical Assembly

Printed Circuit Board PCB Assembly

    Capabilities image
  • Wave soldering
  • Through-hole / hand insertion
  • Low residue (no clean) flux
  • Mixed technology boards
  • Conformal coating
  • RoHs and Leaded specifications
  • Prototypes to long runs

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

  • Automated wire cutting, stripping, and marking
  • Electrical continuity testing
  • Semi-automatic and manual wire crimping and termination
  • Discrete wires
  • Ribbon cables
  • Coax cables
  • Shielded and unshielded cables
  • IDC cables
  • Wire harnesses

Electromechanical Assembly

  • Metal and plastic enclosures
  • Custom assembly
  • Hardware assembly
  • Software installation
  • Functional testing to customer specifications
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