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Short-term and Long-term Printed Circuite Board Contract Manufacturing Planning

Galaxy Electronics Short-term and Long-term business planning Short-term business plan includes:

  • Aggressive customer base expansion as an outsource supplier to OEM’s and electronic assembly users.
  • ISO 9002 registration process.
  • Expand competitive vendor base for more competitive customer quotes and shorter lead times.
  • Purchase of Surface Mount PCB Assembly equipment to add to manufacturing capabilities.
  • Develop associated business venture in real estate as sister company to Galaxy Electronics.

Future long-term business plans include:

  • Diversify business holdings by buying or creating new venture in non-electronics field.
  • Reinvestment of profits into business to purchase property and build manufacturing facility.
  • Customer base expansion to supply value-added assembly products (other than electronics) to new industries.
  • Development of proprietary products.
  • Expand electrical testing capabilities.
  • Addition of in-house electronic design capability.
  • Expand employee benefits.